Price list

The current price is always the one stated under the booking.


Booking period

3 weeks                                                    750 DKK

4 weeks                                                  1000 DKK 

We have limited the option to choose less than 3 weeks, as this provides the best experience for our customers.


Booking period

1 week                                                       225 DKK

2 weeks                                                     430 DKK

3 weeks                                                     600 DKK

4 weeks                                                     800 DKK


Booking period

1 week                                                      250 DKK

2 weeks                                                    500 DKK

3 weeks                                                    750 DKK

4 weeks                                                  1000 DKK


Booking period

1 week                                                     225 DKK

2 weeks                                                   400 DKK

3 weeks                                                    555 DKK

4 weeks                                                    740 DKK



1 week                                                    225 DKK

2 weeks                                                  430 DKK

3 weeks                                                  600 DKK

4 weeks                                                  800 DKK


All kinds of premium items

Per item

3 weeks                                                     45 DKK
The price is per unit with a max. area of 60×60 cm*. 

Items must be priced at 300 DKK or more.
Premium is for quality items only.

A 20% commission is taken on all sales

Click here to see the different types of units

Included in the price:

Alarms for items priced over 100 DKK.
Unlimited printed price tags with your item descriptions.

Free use of our price tag gun to ensure the security of your labels.
Unlimited use of our hangers.
One item priced over 50 DKK in our locked glass cabinets (as long as space allows).
Access to Mit Lidkøb, where you can register your items and see your sales.

Extra service:

Daily clean-up service:
We clean up your unit every morning 150 DKK. per week per unit. 
(in-store booking only).

Pre-arranged packing of your unit:
Agreed minimum 1 day in advance.
250 DKK for the first box, and 50 kr. for each box thereafter.

Non-arranged packing of your unit:
350 DKK for the first box, and 50 DKK. for each box thereafter.

*)Premium notes:
For units that are larger than 60×60 cm., the price will be recalculated to reflect the space that said unit takes. Bookings are only made by appointment, as we need to assess availability in the store. Please call us at +45 71 74 72 76 for further information.

Click here to view our terms and conditions (Danish).